Benefits for an Affiliate Institution :

. 1 Participation, discount , on continental theological conference and national academic seminars (AETAL) and global theological forums (ICETE) , and local presentations on curriculum, teaching and theological themes;

. 2 Participation in the acquisition of books, with big discounts subsidized for the institution, its faculty and students, dashing through the Library Development Program (PDB), in partnership with leading national publishers;

3 . Participation Supporting Events Program (PAE) , where the events held by affiliates are supported and disseminated by AETAL;

. 4 Free hosting logo and weblink on the institution of AETAL site;

5 School support: organizational, academic and pedagogical.

6 . Certificate of Recognition , obtained in accordance with a program based on standards developed specifically for theological institutions throughout Latin America. AETAL also sends the Certificate of Affiliation its affiliates annually.
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