2012: a year to be celebrated!

A Bible versicle used in times of victory, triumph, fits well at the end of this year: “… the Lord hath hitherto helped us” (1 Sam. 7:12). He is and will always be the reason for every success in our activities.

As we recognize this truth, promising horizons present themselves before us for new achievements. AETAL is increasingly consolidated in the area of ??theological education as a reference association of theological institutions not only in Brazil but throughout Latin America and also as an agency for the recognition of these schools through its Academic Recognition Program.

This year, 36 new affiliates and re-affiliates from Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Argentina and the US joined us. As a member association of the ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education), its affiliates enjoy benefits that meet many of their needs.

The Global Theological Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, held in October 2012, was a landmark for all those who attended our invitation. What we have seen and heard there nourishes and strengthens us for a long time in the noble exercise of our functions.

Unique opportunities like this should not be missed, especially by us who are always striving for excellence in theological education.

Academic seminars, as one of the services offered to affiliates, have become a must for institutions that wish to develop and aim to achieve standard of excellence for their educational programs.

This year, more than 180 leaders from affiliated and non-affiliated theological schools participated in the seminars held in the Brazilian cities of Salvador-BA, Niterói-RJ, Manaus-AM, Guatemala City-GT and Lima, Peru. The moments of learning and sharing experienced in these fraternal environments are indescribable.

Another historical landmark was established through the publication and launch in Portuguese of the AETAL Academic Catalog – an unpublished work that serves as indispensable guide of bibliographical references for teachers and students of Theology. There are 600 titles from the most respected national evangelical publishers that support the study of Theology.

In this issue, we publish a special article on excellence in theological education, where we find answers to questions like: Excellence is the same as success? Who determines someone’s standards or excellence? Is excellence possible? Anyway, it was great to be together in this year.

Good reading! Márcio Matta President


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