Word of the President

Beyond Excellence in Theological Education

First of all, I must express my pleasure in addressing you to a word. I hope you are as passionate about Aetal’s theological education as we are.

In my more than 30 years involved, directly and indirectly, with evangelical theological education, I observed a great growth in the number of theological institutions in this country. Indeed, the increased search for the systematic knowledge of the Word of God has become a reality not only in Brazil, but also throughout Latin America, which is commendable.

However, this expansion has led to an enormous shortage in the quality of teaching and in the organizational, pedagogical and academic structures of many theological institutions, especially in small schools. In this context, AETAL is presented as part of its mission to encourage the continued development of affiliated schools, promoting a standard of excellence among theological education programs, so that academic and / or ministerial training results in sustainable improvement of evangelical churches in this continent.

Now more than that, and beyond the governmental recognition of some institutions (which should never overlap with the relevance of the ministerial character), we need a fundamentally important ingredient for us to achieve fullness in the teaching / learning relationship: launching ourselves of body and soul to this noble exercise, placing above all the heart in the call. It is the act of falling in love with theological education.

And if we strive to do all to the glory of God (1Co 10.31b), this is the way. Therefore, in order for us to implement what is best in theological education, I would like to call upon all of us, members of affiliated institutions and future affiliates, not to lose focus on the main purpose for which we have been truly called: to go beyond excellence! May God make you prosper richly in your activities.

In the Master’s service,

Márcio Matta
President of AETAL


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