Framework of Reference

With more than 100 affiliated institutions throughout Brazil and more than 50 in other Latin American countries, AETAL confirms a strong representation in the main evangelical denominations.
Thus, in order to further solidify this representation in the theological educational area of the continent, the Board of Directors created a framework of reference that, after consultation and acceptance of each guest, is composed of six renowned personalities from the Brazilian theological medium and of other Latin American countries, and an external representative (USA).
The members of the Board of Directors serve as board members of the AETAL board and provide valuable support to the AETAL-related activities across the continent.
All members are strongly committed to evangelical theological education in their respective countries of residence.

Get to know a little of each one of its members, which the AETAL board of directors thanks very much.

Dr. Luiz Sayão – Brazil
Pastor Baptist, lecturer, writer, linguist and hebraist. Professor at The Servant of Christ Theological Seminary (affiliate AETAL), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (USA), and director and professor of Teol Seminary. Batista do Sul do Brasil (RJ). Coordinator of the translation of the New International Version of the Bible, and theological and academic consultant to several publishers. Exegetical Coordinator for the Bible Version Almeida 21. Prize for Literary Character 2003 (Assoc. Christian Publishers – ASEC).

Pr. Esequias Soares – Brasil
A/G pastor, master in Sciences of Religion (Univ. Mackenzie), graduated in Literature, with qualification in Hebrew (USP), professor of Hebrew, Greek and Christian Apology. He is president of the CGADB Apologetics Commission (General Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil). Author of several books and president of the Theological School “Eliseu Queirós de Souza” (ETEQS, affiliated to Aetal). He is the senior pastor of the Assembly of God Church, in Jundiaí-SP.

Dr. Augustus Nicodemos – Brazil
3 nicodemus2Renowned Presbyterian minister, theologian, teacher and writer. Since 2003 he has served as chancellor of the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute. He has a degree in Theology from the Northern Presbyterian Seminary, a Master’s degree in NT from the Reformed University of Potchefstroom (South Africa), a Ph.D. in Biblical Interpretation from Westminster Theological Seminary, with studies at the Reformed Seminary in Kampen, The Netherlands. She is currently pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Goiânia.

Dr. Pablo Sywulka – Guatemala
He was a great supporter of AETAL, serving as Secretary General of the Association for nine years and representing the Board of AETAL in several international theological meetings. Dr. Sywulka was rector of the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA-Guatemala – affiliate AETAL), and acts as a theology professor of that institution to this day. He is also a keynote speaker of AETAL’s School Capacity Building Program (PCE) and has provided academic training in several Latin American countries.

Dr. Manuel Reaño – Colômbia
5Of Peruvian origin, he is married to Patricia and has 3 children. He is pastor of the Free Church of Scotland and professor in the area of Pastoral Studies at the University Foundation Biblical Seminary of Colombia. He holds a degree in Medicine from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, in Theology from the Free Church of Scotland College, a Master’s in Theology from the University of Edinburgh and a Diploma in Education in Virtual Environments of Learning from FUSBC. He currently works in the counseling field.

Dr. Alberto Roldán – Argentina
6 Alberto2 folderDoctor of Theology (Universitat Isede de Buenos Aires), Master in Social Sciences (Univ. Quilmes) and in Education (Univ. Del Salvador). Writer, minister throughout Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia. He is a professor of the Latin American Doctoral Program in Theological Sciences. He is post-graduate director of FIET Theological Institute, professor of theology, philosophy and culture at the University of Latin American Educational Center (Rosario-Argentina). He is director of the journal Theology and Culture.

Dr. David Ramírez – USA
7 ramirez2Born in Argentina and with Chilean citizenship, he lives in the USA. He is married to Maria Fernanda and has 3 children. He is a Doctor in Ministry, Master in Divinity and a graduate in Arts. Founder, president and professor of SEMISUD Seminary (Ecuador), he was also president of the Seminary of the Southern Cone (Argentina), pastor of the Church of God in Ecuador and Argentina, member of the International Executive Council of the Church of God and director of the National Youth of Church of God (Chile). He is the author of books and theological articles.

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